Beat Bros has been greenlit!

Thanks for all your support!
Look forward to seeing version 1.0 on Steam!!

Part Smash Bros, part roguelike, and part rhythm game, Beat Bros is a wildly unique take on grid-based battles. A competitive, fast-paced, strategic fighting game for 1-4 players, Beat Bros is an exercise in controlled chaos.

With a frenetic pace, deterministic strategy at its core, and a host of weapons, powers, and both randomized and predesigned levels, Beat Bros is a near-endless reservoir of "couch with friends" fun. And the deeply puzzling single-player mode will have you confused and bewildered in no time!


9 different characters, all with different superpowers
Wacky random-generated levels to fight in! A new battlefield every time!
Steal eachother's powers! Stock up and use them for future battles!
Gorgeous hi-res pixel art and particle effects!

Scarily intelligent CPU players!

Unique single player puzzles!


"It looks like developer Ultimate Walrus (of #Snake2 infamy) started making a rhythm-based Bomberman clone, but then went off the deep end somewhere between floating doughnuts and giant snakes. Bonus points for the playable moai head statue."
    --- Darren Nakamura, Destructoid

"It's not very often that you see a game that is pretty much entirely unique that can't be compared to anything else. Props to them this looks fun, and I've never seen anything else like it."
    --- Scissors